Snapchat the new hub for prospective lovers

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Forget Tinder or any other dating app; Snapchat is what you want if you really want to know if your crush is really into you. Just hover over those three dots after you have posted a snap story, and tap that telltale icon shaped like an eye. And, there it is, a notification to tell you that your crush has viewed your Snap Story or not, or how many times they have viewed your story.

This may not sound much promising to the cynics, but if you are a hopeless romantic, Snapchat’s feature is like a modern day version of a love note, especially that little nudge that says ‘I like you’, much like Facebook’s poke feature.

Don’t believe us? Hear what relationship expert Laurel House has to say. She reckons that Snapchat is an ideal platform for dating, and its notifications can provide insights, unlike any other social network. To further corroborate the point let’s consider a 2015 study where adult social media users were examined for their possible motives for using certain social platforms. The findings revealed that Snapchat is used more for finding new “love interests” and for flirting, while Facebook is used for keeping in touch with friends.



“More than merely looking at your profile, Snapchat lets you see how many photos that person viewed, letting you see just how much others like what they see. You might not be aware of their in-person side glances and sly looks. But on Snapchat, there’s no hiding. Regardless of whether or not someone clicks ‘like,’ you know that they have looked,” House said.

“Snapchat happy” lifestyle blogger Luisa-Christie Walton-Stoev also uses the Story notifications to gauge whether or not someone ‘likes’ her. “There was a boy I liked who I added on Snapchat earlier this year. He viewed my story a lot; never posting stories himself, though,” Walton-Stoev confided. But those who have experienced Whatsapp’s ‘last seen’ feature, would know that Snapchat’s telltale ‘who liked your story’ feature can soon become an obsession. Like Walton-Stoev, who found herself becoming obsessed with the feature, constantly checking to see if people had viewed her Snapchat Story—particularly those she subconsciously wanted to view it.

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