Snapchat releases Android-only update featuring Bitmoji

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CIOL Snapchat releases Android-only update featuring Bitmoji

For the first time, Snapchat has released an Android-only update, which comes with pretty impressive features.


The photo-sharing app has released an Android-only feature (sorry iPhone users), which allows you to turn your friends’ Bitmoji into widgets and place them as shortcuts on the home screen. You can't create shortcuts for all of your friends, but only for users who have connected the Bitmoji app, which allows you to create your own personal emoji.


The process is simple. Long press on the home screen; there you’ll notice two options from the Snapchat app. You can either place a 4×1 best friend widget, which will provide you instant access to your most-contacted friends, while the other 1×1 widget allows you to put a single friends’ Bitmoji widget on the home screen.

The friends added to the former 4×1 widget are selected automatically, but you need to pick the latter 1×1 widget manually.

Users can also customise the default sizes. In the 1×1 widget size, you can only see your friend’s face, but if you resize the widget, it reveals different positions, as well as the complete body.

As far as iPhone users are concerned, it’s currently unclear whether iOS users will be getting the feature anytime soon.

Considering the current trend of other social media platforms following Snapchat's tracks, we might see this feature on other platforms soon.

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