Smart Manufacturing: Save Time and Money with AI and IoT Solutions

Many companies have adopted AI, But the bigger challenge is managing the workflow and get the better outcome. Smart manufacturing

Ashok Pandey
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Oracle Smart Manufacturing

Everyone talks about AI and many companies have adopted it. But the bigger challenge is managing the workflow and get the better outcome. Smart manufacturing can be a boon to the manufacturer to save time and money using the AI and IoT solutions.


We discussed with Abhimanyu Prabhavalkar, Vice President, Product Development, IoT Cloud, Oracle India how Oracle is helping in smart manufacturing.

The Buzz Word

According to Abhimanyu, “It’s a buzz word, but what it takes to make AI productionable, it requires domain knowledge of the industry you are working in, must have knowledge of data science to apply to that domain, and you need to have to build application to bring the outcomes that is consumable to various stakeholders of the company. Now think about how many companies have all of these skills together. This is the primary reason, why Gartner predicted that by 2020 about 60% AI projects will stop.”


Prepackaged solution

Abhimanyu talked about learnings that, we learnt from this and developed prepackaged products and offered as SAAS. Meaning these are plug-n-play applications and they have all the analytical algorithm prebuilt. Benefiting the customer to not have the knowledge of domain or data analytics and business users and simply start using the application.

Also as these are prepackaged, so customers don’t need to work on these and spend time or money. These are usable right from day one.


Using the Oracle AI or IoT solution, a business can get the outcome from day one as Oracle has the knowledge base of business applications that customers are already using, so our AI and IoT capabilities are very well integrated with those business applications.

Role in smart manufacturing

Abhimanyu talked about Oracle solution for smart manufacturing and said that in the smart manufacturing, AI helps to understand the problem even before it occurs based on the analysis of the data you already have. For instance, if a manufacturer build a particular product and there was a small problem with one part, it will take a lengthy workflow process to get the product back and rectify the issue. However, by using Oracle’s IoT asset monitoring manufacturer can identify potential risk and fix the problem in advance saving a lot of time and money.

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