Skillsoft unveils leadership development prog for the digital age

Soma Tah
New Update

UMBAI, INDIA: To provide leadership learning at all levels, Skillsoft has announced the availability of its new Skillsoft Leadership Development Program. The Program features scenario-based course content covering 20 of today’s most critical leadership competencies. Skillsoft plans to support an additional ten competencies in 2018.


Today, leadership is less about “hero” leadership and more about effective team-based, agile leadership. That equates to a larger market of future leaders who need foundational leadership development. Most leadership training today is too long, too linear, and neither engaging nor contextualized for the learner, says the company. However, for that leadership development to be effective, how the content is delivered is just as important as the content itself. The solution needs to be efficient, effective, and engaging.

The includes an innovative, scalable and cost-effective course series curated to engage modern, digital learners. The courses average 45-60 minutes of high-definition, video-based instruction, each comprised of 5-8 minute single-concept segments to support micro-learning.

Learners also benefit from a wide array of tools and application resources, including reflection questions, knowledge checks, post-course assessments, facilitation guides, leader-led activities and exercises. Additionally, close to 800 carefully curated video-based assets, books, book summaries, and expert-authored content extend the learning. Skillsoft curates new assets into the offering every week to keep the learning fresh and current.

“As digital transformation impacts every organization, it’s critical that leaders at all levels are prepared and possess the competencies needed to harness and drive innovation,” said Heide Abelli, Senior Vice President of Content Product Management, Skillsoft. “The Skillsoft Leadership Development Program is instructionally, functionally and aesthetically designed to accelerate the reinvention and democratization of leadership learning. Through the extensive use of scenarios and behavioral demonstrations, the course series addresses the constantly evolving but necessary skills of today’s and tomorrow’s effective leaders.”

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