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Features: Synopsys Inc., a semiconductor design software and First

Silicon Solutions (FS2), a division of MIPS Technologies Inc., has announced the

launch of the Sitka evaluation and development platform for Synopsys's

DesignWare PCI Express (PCIe) IP.

The Sitka board, which is the result of collaboration between the two companies,
functions as a standard PCIe add-in card with support for up to eight PCIe lanes

(each lane is a 2.5 Gbps communication channel), Synopsys said in a statement.

With this new platform, designers can test and debug their system-on-chip (SoC)
designs using the DesignWare PCIe IP while performing interoperability testing

between their SoC design and a PCIe PHY. Designers using the Sitka board to

prototype SoCs can reduce their design risk, cut development time and enable

predictable success in their complex SoCs.Sitka Development Board

Rick Leatherman, vice president and general manager of FS2, said, “Coupling
our expertise in hardware verification and debug technology with Synopsys's

expertise in PCI Express, we were able to create a solution that allows

designers to fully develop, test and debug their SoC designs with PCI Express

before committing to silicon.”

With the Sitka board, designers can prototype large designs by synthesizing
their SoC into two large on-board Xilinx Virtex-4 FPGAs. These two FPGAs are

interconnected through 272 I/O pins and can be configured for operating at up to

1 Gbps point-to-point interconnect, providing high throughput data transfers or

sets of unidirectional channels. The FPGAs are configured via the on-board ROM.

The ROM can hold multiple FPGA configurations allowing the designer to test

design variations and switch between different PHYs and the Xilinx Rocket I/O.