Silicon Automation launches VmailX

CIOL Bureau
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BANGALORE: Silicon Automation Systems Limited (SAS) has launched VmailX, a

complete solution for sending and receiving voice as email attachments (voice

over email — VoEM). Vani, a low bit-rate speech codec from SAS, forms the

backbone of VmailX. Vani LBR speech codec achieves very high-speed compression

ratios. A voice attachment, which would normally have been 50 kilobits (Kb) is

reduced to a file size of just 1Kb.


The key feature of the solution, VmailX LinWin, bridges the gap between

sending and receiving VoEM across the two most popularly used operating systems,

Windows and Linux. This allows the mail to be recorded and played back on either

of the platforms. The receiver does not need VmailX to play back the message.

The salient features of this product are high-speed compression ratio and

interoperability between Windows and Linux, facilitated by VmailX LinWin. The

sender can use the attach player option for non-VmailX user/receiver and the

user friendly GUI. Don’t worry if you don’t have VmailX installed in your

machine, you can still listen to messages if the sender has used the ‘attach

player’ option.

SAS Internet Access Solution division vice president Rajeev Agarwal says,

"SAS is committed to providing high performance and high quality solutions

for the audio and video compression requirements of the multimedia application

and appliance industry. VmailX is a confirmation of that. Initially, the

licensing fee for the product may range from Rs 5 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. has already launched it and we are talking to some other