Short-cuts' IT planted at BMO Bank of Montreal

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TORONTO, US: BMO Bank of Montreal and Phoenix Interactive, announced a development that it claims will change the way the bank and its customers interact via BMO’s network of 2100 Instabank ABMs.


BMO will integrate Phoenix’s Commander software solution with its self-service ABM channel, a step that will allow the bank’s customers to set up ABM ‘short cuts’ to “preferred” transactions — such as: ‘My Usual Withdrawal’, ‘My Usual Transfer’, ‘My Usual Deposit’, etc., — when they log into a BMO Instabank ABM, thus providing a faster and more personalized customer experience.

The new technology will also give the bank the ability to communicate personally-relevant information and product offers to its individual customers.

“We now have the ability to have more meaningful ‘conversations’ with our customers directly via an ABM,” said Andrew Irvine, Vice President, Integrated Distribution, BMO Financial Group. “This new technology will allow us to ‘talk’ to you about simple offers (are you interested in increasing your line of credit, for example) and, if you say yes, we can fulfill that need on the spot through our ABM …it’s done.“


“Our solution provides real-time customer usage and campaign metrics that are critical for managing an intelligent ABM network,” said Marco Di Cola, Vice President, Business Development, Phoenix Interactive.

“We are delighted to be working with Phoenix on what we believe will be the beginning of a significant transformation in the way BMO will utilize this highly valued customer touch-point to communicate with our clients on a one to one level,” said Irvine. Phoenix’s self-service technology continues to lead the industry and we are proud to be working with a partner who shares our vision of where we want to take this channel.”

“This is one of the many ways we are working to define the customer experience,” said Mr. Irvine.