Shop floor gets a new look at Plumb Signs

New Update

SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Rootstock Software, a player in cloud manufacturing and supply chain applications, announced that it is installing its manufacturing ERP and shop floor control software at Plumb Signs (Tacoma, Wash.), a full service organization that produces signage for companies nationwide.


As a result, Plumb Signs will be able to provide its customers with quicker, more timely communications on project status than they can today with their present overly complex on-premise ERP.

"Our state of the art manufacturing facility is fully automated which offers economy of scale and provides precise tolerances with superior efficiencies but we wanted much quicker response times with access to the information in our ERP," says Rob Marston, president of Plumb Signs. "Our ERP system was just too complicated, needing a programmer anytime we wanted to write a report. It was a struggle to get information back and forth with our system.

"Because of this, we began searching for an ERP that ran on," adds Marston. "We saw a review on four different ERPs that did so and Rootstock seemed to fit us best because we're a job shop and their software provided the shop floor management that we required. In addition, Rootstock and Financial Force work together to the point where Rootstock is now installing both for us."

Rootstock's Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module was especially attractive to Plumb Signs as it provided managing shop floor resources, calendaring and scheduling, the company adds.

"Job shops, such as Plumb Signs, require a scheduling engine that dates work order operation routing steps (which can be sequential or concurrent) and processes them against a comprehensive set of prioritization rules," explains Pat Garrehy, president and CEO, Rootstock. "Production control managers must be able to easily reprioritize work orders visually with drag-and-drop capacity planning screens. They need to quickly locate overloaded work centers or late work orders by color and, then, go to another tab in the capacity planning screens and see all of the shop orders and field service work for a particular job."