SES Broadband Services to introduce its latest satellite tech

Sharath Kumar
New Update

AFRICA: SES Broadband Services will introduce its latest satellite technology at eLearning Africa in Kampala. Two exclusive demonstrations will be showcased at the event, which will see live streaming of an eLearning session in progress and the launch of a new satellite WiFi hot spot service.


SES Broadband Services, Eichstätt-lngolstadt University and the Permanent Centre for Education (PCE) of Uganda, have partnered for the exclusive demonstration which shows the co-operation between the German university project, Kuganda, and SES by allowing remote communication via satellite between a classroom and teachers.

The demonstrations, taking place twice a day at the SES stand, will see Eichstätt-lngolstadt University in Munich connected live to Kampala via satellite to show the features of the virtual classroom product.

SES Broadband Services will also launch its new WiFi hot spot service at the event, which is taking place between 28 to 30 May, with delegates invited to drop by the SES stand to get an access code to see how easy it is to connect to the Internet with iOS and Android devices.