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HYDERABAD: Picture this. Your environ restricts you from applying for a job that comes with an ASAP tag. You’re stuck at your workplace and can’t send your resume from the office computer.

Also imagine the similar situation with a tinge difference. You can’t afford an Internet connection at home and there’s no café nearby. How about sending your Curriculum Vitae through an SMS?

Yes you’ve read it right! The above-mentioned tricky situations can be a thing of the past, thanks to a new website

All one needs to do is register with the Hyderabad-based website and create an ID. Once a registered user you can send resumes using the cell phone. To apply for jobs one needs to compose resume, user’s mail id, recruiter’s mail id, subject and send it to the number, 3030.

The server collects the data and sends it to the desired mail ID along with the covering letter the user posts on his account. The mail that goes to the recruiter looks as if it has been send from the applicant mailbox and not through an SMS.

What’s more satisfying is that the user receives a confirmation immediately after the resume delivery. In a nutshell the process is an amalgamation of the mobile and the Internet technology.

“These days even villagers possess cell phones. Even if one doesn’t have a cell phone, it can be borrowed easily from friends. But how many have access to the Internet? It’s simple and easy. By sending an SMS, one can send his/her resume to the desired organization. It’s spontaneous and real time,” explains HR consultant Sreenivas Rao Chennamaneni of

One thing that comes to the mind is that covering letter saved may not apply to all the jobs. “For this one can save a general covering letter that can be used for all the jobs,” prescribes Sreenivas.

The recently launched website now has more than 500 registered users. So far about 150 users have made us of the service provided by it.

To enhance the website, plans are afoot to introduce job alerts and work force management sections. “We are working to include job alerts and workforce management. The workforce management will work in a similar fashion. Anyone who needs workers can send an SMS and we’ll send the information to the persons cell phone inbox,” says Sreenivas.

The website, run by, is in talks with companies in Kuwait and Malaysia for partnership. “In future we would like to sell certain tools to some companies. For that we will customize the service for those companies,” informs Sreenivas.

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