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SAN FRANCISCO, USA: Sencha, solution provider for JavaScript application frameworks has shipped Sencha Touch, the industry’s first HTML5-based mobile application development framework.


Available immediately as a free download, Sencha Touch equips developers to create web apps for modern touch-screen mobile devices, including those powered by Apple iOS and Google Android said a press release.

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"Developers are facing enormous pressure to deliver mobile apps that people can access anytime and everywhere, including offline,” said Abraham Elias, CEO of Sencha.


“The only common run-time platform across the increasing diversity of modern mobile devices is HTML5. With Sencha Touch, web developers get a polished HTML5 development framework that allows them to write one app, and deploy to any device that can connect to the web. We think developers will also like our new, low price - free,” added Elias.

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The release further added, Sencha Touch is built from the ground up to leverage the latest HTML5 family technologies. It has a flexible theming system that can change an application appearance with just a few lines of code. Sencha Touch also incorporates resolution-independence technology, allowing consistent display on devices with different pixel densities.


In addition, Sencha Touch incorporates data management classes and a comprehensive touch event system that allows developers to focus on their application, not on the eccentricities of mobile platforms.

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“Sencha Touch really solves the rich app problem. The framework does the hard work to make our HTML5 apps work across multiple platforms,” said Giles Goodwin, co-founder & CTO of Widgetbox.

Sencha Touch gives mobile application developers easy access to the family of powerful HTML5 technologies, including geolocation, localStorage and CSS3, supported by today’s most popular mobile devices. Built on the proven foundation of Ext JS, JavaScript technology that is already in use by more than 1 million developers worldwide, Sencha Touch enables developers to build web apps that deliver user experiences comparable to native applications, added the release.