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BANGALORE, INDIA: We are coming to the close of the third quarter of the year. As things stand, the global semiconductor industry has been holding up well, so far. Take memory out of semiconductors, and the numbers actually look quite good! Also, fab spends have been trending down, and will continue to do so for at least the next three quarters. ASPs were trending up earlier, and the status quo has been maintained.


While on fab spends, a SEMI analyst has projected a likely decline by 20 percent in global semiconductor fab equipment spend for 2008. However, a rebound of over 20 percent in spending is expected in 2009, driven by over 70 fab projects.

On the memory market,  iSuppli expects NAND prices to stabilize to some degree during Q4-2008 due to a slowdown in certain suppliers' capacity expansion plans. A major recovery is expected in the second half of 2009.

On MEMS, it is expected that new demand from consumer electronics (CE) and wireless applications will see the global market for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) to expand from $6.1 billion in 2006 to to $8.8 billion in 2012. Automotive also happens to be a key growth area for MEMS.


There has been lots of interest and investments, globally, and in India, on solar/PV. While this has been good for the solar industry, specially, the investments have not exactly helped the semiconductor industry! Another interesting trend is the entry of leading EDA players in this segment, who have clearly indicated their thrust in solar/PV.

And India? While we await further announcements on the wafer IC fabs, there have been several new proposals, a majority on solar/PV. One hopes India does stick to the semicon path, rather than get carried away by the investments in solar/PV. India does bring a lot to the table for the semicon world, and that needs to be tapped!

Presenting a collection of articles on global trends, and updates on fabs, NAND and memory market, solar/PV, and MEMS.



1. Semicon likely to grow 4-8pc in 2008

Fab spends trending down, and will continue to do so for at least the next three quarters; solar/PV investments not helping

2. What India brings to the semicon world!

Companies should certainly look at investing in India, and consider manufacturing here



3. NAND recovery likely in H2-2009

By 2011, iSuppli believes that SSDs will be the number one NAND flash market driver in terms of dollar value

4. About 90pc fab investments for 300mm capacity

The amount of spending for advanced nodes, such as 65nm, is increasing, says Christian Gregor Dieseldorff, Senior Manager of Fab Information and Analysis at SEMI


5. Motion sensors in CE, mobile, drive MEMS growth

iSuppli expects production of MEMS devices for CE and automotive to be concentrated among fewer companies in future

6. Hit home runs in solar with Magma YieldManager!

Magma targeting solar fabs based in Asia that are eager for early implementation of the solar yield product

7. India can get more into product development

Products developed in India can also be targeted at Middle East and Southeast Asia, feels Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, President and COO, Synopsys


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