Security risks in the new economy

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INDIA: Increasing cases of identity and data theft are becoming a major cause for concern across organizations and individuals alike. They're causing financial loss, data loss, and not to mention loss of credibility and reputation. We surveyed 80+ CIOs across India to find out how seriously they tackle Information Security threats. We also believe that securing data is everyone's responsibility and tell you how to go about doing it.


Before devising a plan to secure your information, you need to understand the current security landscape and the risks it involves. So in order to understand what's currently happening, we surveyed 80+ CIOs from across the country to find out their understanding of the subject, and what they were doing about it. The results we got were pretty interesting. Here's the first one:

  • 65 percent of the CIOs felt that security threats have become more dangerous than ever before.
  • 30 percent felt that security threats are just a nuisance, and not really dangerous.

The surprising element in the above is the 30 percent CIOs, who feel that security threats are still a nuisance. Had that been the case, then cyber crime would not have been a multi-billion dollar industry. Clearly, cyber crime is on the rise because there are monetary gains involved. According to various research reports from key security vendors, most cyber crimes today are targeted at stealing critical data for financial gain. This trend is only expected to grow, and the sooner we accept this fact, the better it will be as we would then be in a better position to combat it.

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