Securaplane launches next gen integrated camera and security system

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TUCSON, USA: Securaplane Technologies, a leading supplier of avionics products for business, commercial and military aircraft, has launched its next generation camera and security system. Easy to install, operate and maintain, it protects the aircraft with full system control in unsecured airports.


The next generation security system is based on upgrades to Securaplane's classic PreFlite system, which now includes fully integrated high definition cameras, a user-friendly graphic interface, wireless battery-free access panel switches and smartphone application access.

The HD airborne cameras employ 1080p and 60 frames per second (fps) technology for studio-quality images and can be used for entertainment as well as security and situational awareness on the ground.

The expertly-designed graphic interface allows one-touch arming and disarming making it simple to activate or deactivate the security system without extensive product training.

The smartphone application enables operators to interrogate the system in real time, and allows users to identify and correct any complications arising from an intrusion before scheduled take-off. The added functionality gives operators complete control over their system and enables them to control the system wherever their smartphones are functional.