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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: The price vs power equation in the customer relationship business management (CBRM) arena has been seriously influenced this year with the market entry of JoolmaCRM from CNP Integrations. Joomla Development Firm has leveraged its own integrations talent by extending their Info@Hand product with Joomla! web portal functionality to provide customers a seamless web-to-back-office experience at an incomparable price point.


The company has essentially married the two most powerful software solutions of the day into one ready to roll, easy use, quick to deploy easily expanded package.

JoomlaCRM is targeted directly to support the needs of mangers tasked with integrating CBRM technologies into their workplace, or client operations. The application is crafted from the bottom up to cover the full scope of web based business and marketing automation. CNP's approach also provides critical training and support services a manager may need to integrate, train and precisely customize their application.

The JoomlaCRM package provides small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and non-profit organizations in all sectors with a full suite of tools to manage electronic transactions, collaboration with stakeholders, customer relationships and Web 2.0 community driven social communities.


SMBs easily migrate to CNP's 'cradle to grave' application that supports all facets of their online presence and operations. JoomlaCRM handles online business actions from marketing to customer support on the public side, to sales cycle tracking and data mining on the internal side. CNP's application also serves as one of the first hybrid solutions to successfully integrate client needs for social networking and information portals with today's requirements for customer relationship and ecommerce management. JoomlaCRM delivers an outstanding feature set complete with mobile accessibility.

This is the first time a solution like this is within feasible reach of an average SMB or a non-profit group. JoomlaCRM differs from conventional CRM/CMS products in that it offers key features that enable a business to capitalize on the ability to be nimble -- and out maneuver larger companies.

JoomlaCRM positions CNP as a leading integrator in the Joomla! open source Content Management System (CMS) community. CNP plans to deliver several bundled integration options for the JoomlaCRM platform as well as price points for low cost of entry and delivery models including on-demand, on-premise or appliance systems to accommodate the needs of small businesses.

According to CNP's founder, Chris Nielsen: "JoomlaCRM is designed to be, or grow into, everything you need on-line for your small business to grow and compete in a global economy. This platform can be adapted to just about any industry or scale of SMB. We've been delivering these solutions separately for a long time, but customizing an integrated solution allowed us to harness the real power of these applications, and make it easier for us to support our customers."

JoomlaCRM provides businesses in all sectors with extended business management capabilities for order, project and resource tracking, Customer Service, Human Resources and more, with the power of today's social networking and information portals.