School Ecosystem: Revolutionising the next wave

Ashok Pandey
New Update
School Ecosystem

The modern schools are equipped with next-gen technologies to help children not only gain knowledge also become an expert. The education industry has seen numerous developments including the applications and smart school ecosystem.


Aarul Malaviya, founder of MASH Virtual (UK) is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the EdTech vertical. He is working on developing more AR / VR related games, streaming devices, and products. CiOL discussed with him about the new developments and future plans.

The platform

Zamit is the first school app that has created a single window for parents, schools, teachers, students and service providers to find the information they need and to network


For schools – The World’s first Future Ready Indexing (ZQ: Zamit quotient) which is an audit of the collective future-ready skills. Zamit Keep in Touch Program (ZKIT), a series of customized workshops & which supports teachers in remaining Future-ready.

We offer them Live streaming of school events and free of cost online teachers’ resources. Talks by eminent educationists on contemporary topics as well as have Zamit student internship program (ZIP).

For parents – The platform offers curated news & events from schools & school education both local & global. It provides parenting tips both in audio & video formats. Parents can read genuine school reviews from parents & students together with a ‘search rate review’ schools feature on their mobile handset.


There is a storyboard in multi-languages where content & language is edited by language experts for appropriateness and age indicators. And it has a directory of tutors, coaching centres, after school activities & professional development institutes.

The difference

Zamit is exclusive in that it is the first EdTech solution where the end-user was involved in the creation of the ‘product’. So far, all tech solutions are created based on the perceived needs of schools and then taken to the end-users who are expected to use it in the way that technology gurus believe it should be used.


Zamit does not compete with other engagement and interaction platform, with zamit we’re trying to get all school stakeholders together and create a reliable platform which is participative and user-friendly.

It provides resources, information and a pre whetted age-appropriate, a safe cyber platform that every parent can safely ‘go to’ and know that their child is getting responsibly curated information, stories, activities and challenges in the learning and entertainment space.

The vision behind zamit is to have a single-window platform where every stakeholder in the school ecosystem can find a product or service that they need for. The app provides a platform for schools to connect and find the best vendor without middlemen that may be unscrupulous.


The utilisation of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Learner Analytics

As education continues to evolve and develop its curriculum and programs to prepare students with 21st-century skills, let’s talk about the 4th Industrial Age, an age driven by AI, machine learning and other technologies like IoT, blockchain, AR, VR and so on.

Artificial Intelligence promises personalization of learning experience. Just like Netflix, AI will create a recommendation system of books, exercises, videos, etc. Students will also have access to flexible ways of learning which will be personalized to suit their grasping abilities. It could also be an engine driving you towards what YOU NEED to know.


The new technologies are working towards personalized interaction, like the rise of the use of tablets in classrooms which connects both the teachers and the students on a common platform thus promoting a personal approach from the teacher’s end. It will also enable the students to go beyond learning goals that lack in the Traditional Education Model.

The students will not be bounded to learn their curriculum but will have the option to test their potential and learn beyond their present curriculum. Educators will be guided towards building a motivational profile of experiences that encourage community-based learning through a fine balance between innovation and execution.

The Future Plan

Scaling up globally & standardization will be the next logical step for us. We’re soon launching a brand-new product of our app ZCAS which is Zamit Centralised Admission Service. The objective of ZCAS is to simplify & standardize the admissions process for parents across the country which is currently for the parents.

Besides this, we are also working on a zamit ambassador program (ZAP) in schools, that will assist us in keeping our databases & information updated in real-time. Another interesting program driven by the needs of the 21st century is the zamit internship program (ZIP). In this, we offer student upskilling, hands-on learning in a well- designed internship program that runs concurrently with their school summer & winter breaks.