Schneider Electric's SEBB adds Riversand's MDMCenter

New Update

BANGALORE, INDIA: Riversand Technologies Inc., Master Data Management (MDM) solution provider, Product Information Management (PIM), and Data Quality Solutions, today announced that its customer Schneider Electric's Building Business (SEBB), part of the $22 Billion Schneider Electric company, has added Riversand's Media Asset Management (MAM) Module to its license of Riversand's MDMCenter.


Schneider Electric's Building Business has been using for Riversand's MDMCenter for Product Information Management (PIM) since 2010, said a press relase.

By deploying Riversand's MAM module, Schneider Electric now has the ability to access related documents and other Media assets such as images, documents, drawings, flyers, audio and video clips associated with a product directly from the MDMCenter record, it added.

"Riversand's MAM module is a highly effective web-based application for management, manipulation and distribution of media assets," said a senior Schneider Electric Buildings Business representative. "It allows us to centrally catalog, store, retrieve, enhance and distribute large collections of our media assets."

"Increasing the scope of our Product Information Management (PIM) capabilities powered by Riversand allows us to scale for future growth, whether organically or through acquisition. Riversand's MDM system is part of a larger strategy supporting tools and other systems in the future," he added.