Scalability and omni-channel experience precipitates interest in hosted solutions

New Update

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: To keep up with consumer expectations, customer care organizations are engaging with clients on multiple channels of interaction, and improving the customer experience by applying cross channel analytics. This allows companies to glean data from all touch-points to better understand and improve the customer journey.


Indeed, we are moving to an omni-channel experience where a customer's experience across touch-points is seamless. This is where cloud comes in, by ensuring the transition to omni-channel solutions are seamlessly integrated and customized to meet unique organizational needs, while being built into existing applications. In fact, third-party applications from providers such as, SAP and Oracle CRM integrate with many cloud solutions.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan's Cloud Contact Center Trends white paper finds the North America hosted contact center market reached $1.76 billion in 2012. This encompasses combined spend across hosted and cloud-based automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), outbound contact, chat, quality monitoring, workforce management, and analytics applications.

The research finds cloud is quickly outpacing traditional solutions, as the hosted contact center market is forecast to grow at a 12.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2011-2017, while the contact center systems market concurrently expands at 5.5 percent CAGR. Growth in the hosted contact center market is driven by the scalability and flexibility it provides to companies looking to add new channels and applications.