SBI rolls out collateral-free loans for SMEs

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BANGALORE, INDIA: The State Bank of India (SBI) has been playing a vital role in the development of small scale industries since 1956.The bank has financed over 8 lakhs SSI units in the country.


SBI finances for small business activities which are of special significance to a large number of people, as many of these activities can be started with relatively lower investment and with no special skills on the part of the entrepreneurs.

The bank provides several financing options for SSIs, including General Purpose Term loans, Liberalized credit for SSIs, Entrepreneur Scheme, Equity Fund Scheme and Stree Shakti Package.

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Apart from the SSI loans, the bank also offers various other loans which assist small scale industries in their development and growth:

   1.SME Credit Plus

   2. Small Business Credit Card

   3.SME Petro Credit

   4.Charter for SSI

   5.SBI SME Collateral-free loan

   6.SME car loan scheme (new cars)

   7.SME Smart Score

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