SAP Open Source initiative progressing well

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BANGALORE, INDIA: SAP which has taken to Open-Source in a large way is reportedly progressing well in that sector. This was evident from the keynote presentation of SAP Sybase CTO Ifran Khan that SAP has taken to Open-Source in a big way and is even overseeing growth over there.


Khan also stressed that SAP has made huge strides in the Open-Source arena and will even make bigger strides in the days to come. He also added that the open-source involvement of SAP is progressing like a hockey-stick ( which means increasing growth).

Thus, with major I.T giants such as SAP taking to Open-Source in a big way, we can rest assured that the Open-source sector will be much bigger and better in the future.

SAP surely deserves an appreciation for taking to open-source on a large scale.