Sanyo Epson develops high-resolution LCDs

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NEW DELHI: Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Corporation has announced the development

of high-resolution liquid-crystal displays featuring Photo Fine Vistarich wide

viewing angle technology.


The new technology enables the displays to produce images even when viewed

from an angle of 90 degrees from the top, bottom, left, or right. Volume

production of displays featuring this new technology, available in five sizes,

will commence in Autumn 2006.

The fusion of telecommunications and broadcasting through digitization and

the seamless integration of cable and mobile communications have raised

expectations for the next generation of mobile devices.

Consumers expect devices to bring more convenience, richer content, and more

widespread service coverage. There are increasing demands for mobile devices to

have small- and medium-sized LCDs with high resolution, a wide color gamut, a

wide viewing angle, and quick response, as well as for them to be light,

compact, and ultra energy-efficient.


Sanyo Epson, with a core role in achieving the i3 (imaging on glass - mobile

displays) strategy of the Epson Group's SE07 mid-range business plan, develops

products and technologies based on its HCL-S strategy (High quality, Compact

design, Low power consumption, System solutions) to supply clear, user-friendly

displays that can be used anytime, anywhere.

In October 2005, Sanyo Epson developed high-resolution LCDs featuring Photo

Fine Chromarich wide color gamut technology that enables over 100 per cent

coverage of the NTSC color gamut.

Now, making use of its alignment film and liquid crystal materials, Sanyo

Epson has developed Photo Fine Vistarich wide viewing angle technology as part

of the HCL-S strategy. By combining this with Photo Fine Chromarich wide color

gamut technology, Sanyo Epson's LCD panels can now produce images that can be

seen clearly from 180 degrees in all directions, without changes in color.

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