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CHENNAI: Chennai-based Sanra Software has announced its strategic alliance

with SGS, a contact centre software development firm to market the latter's work

force optimization suite — Contact Point.

Contact point for agent recruitment, training optimization and call centre

Disclosing the details of the alliance, Sanjay Bhardwaj, CEO of Sanra Software
said the concept of work force optimization, using this software suite, was

similar to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), but instead of looking

outwards as customers, we look inwards at employees, specifically agents working

in contact centers.

“Employee hiring, training and turnover account for 70 per cent of the cost of
running a customer contact centre. As more businesses seek solutions to improve

contact centre management and return all or part o the function in-house, both

SGS and Sanra would be working with the industry to improve hiring and training

processes to increase agent productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately

revenue,” he said.

Sanjay said that Sanra would be working for the next three months on
understanding the needs and analyzing the problems of the industry before

launching the Indian version of the suite.

“The market is growing, with major global companies already being here and many
new ventures are likely to begin in the BPO space,” he said adding that the

current market size for this type of product was approximately USD 120 million,

and that the company was expecting about USD 10 million revenue share after

launching the new product.

Deon Applegryn, CEO and president of SGS, said that his company was extremely
happy about the strategic alliance as it was a win-win situation for both the


“There is a new need arising for software solutions that help improve the
contact centre management. Unfortunately, simply managing the fundamentals of

operations is not enough to survive in today's environment. Today's leadership

must focus on optimizing the total environment. Driving efficiencies in the

areas of call handling, contact monitoring, scheduling, forecasting, training,

and reporting are the 'blocking and tackling' fundamentals,” he added.

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