Samsung SmartThings and Harman collaborate for the development of IoT ecosystem

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Harman International, a division fully owned by Samsung Electronics has entered into a strategic partnership with Samsung SmartThings, another entity owned by Samsung.


Under the engineering partnership, Harman Connected Services, a division of Harman working on connected devices, will assist in rolling out the SmartThings app, integrate third-party sensors into the SmartThings ecosystem, and work on feature development for SmartThings Cloud. Both the companies will work towards creating a future roadmap for hub core and embedded components.


Robert Parker, CTO, Samsung SmartThings, said, "It’s more important than ever to be at the cutting-edge of digital transformation and connected devices. By partnering with Harman Connected Services for SmartThings application and device development, we’re able to bring the latest smart device innovations directly to consumers.”

Through this collaboration, Harman Connected Services will assist Samsung with helping out with the roll-out os the SmartThings application. It will also integrate third-party sensors into SmartThings ecosystem and work on feature development of SmartThings cloud.

Samsung acquired SmartThings in 2014 for around $200 million. Samsung is slowly expanding the product line of SmartThings and integrated their services in many Samsung products.

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