Samsung says ‘No’ to Galaxy Note 7 sales worldwide

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CIOL Samsung says ‘No’ to Galaxy Note 7 sales worldwide

Seems like its end of the road for Note 7. In a bid to do some damage control to its shattering reputation and market image, Samsung is asking its sales partners to stop offering the Galaxy Note 7, following reports of replacement devices also catching fire.


After reportedly suspending the Note 7 production, the South Korean tech giant has requested all stores and phone carriers across the globe to stop selling and exchanging the replacement units, which the company vouched for being safe from suddenly bursting into flames.

CIOL Samsung says ‘No’ to Galaxy Note 7 sales worldwide

"We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note 7," Samsung writes in a blog post this evening.


The company is asking all its Note 7 users to power down their devices and get them exchanged either for another Samsung model or take the refund.

Hailing the move, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Chairman said, "It is the right move for Samsung to suspend the sale and exchange of all Galaxy Note 7s."

When the commission finishes its investigation, there would be an official recall from CPSC for sure.

Though, as of now, it looks game over for Note 7, but optimists believe Samsung can reinvent its flagship and strike back stronger.

We only hope it happens sooner than later.