Samsung joins Windows Mixed Reality platform with new VR headset 'Odyssey'

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Samsung joins Microsoft's VR parade with anew headset for Windows 10

Samsung is launching a new virtual reality headset for Windows Mixed Reality Platform. The headset named Samsung HMD Odyssey will be available for pre-order from today but the shipping will start from November 6 at a price tag of $499. Samsung's headset is the most expensive one among the recently launched Windows Mixed Reality Headsets (Acer and Lenovo for $399 and Dell and HP for $449).


The Samsung HMD Odyssey will feature full support for Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Platform and has two AMOLED displays. The displays will offer a 110-degree field of view, which is on par with the Oculus Rift.

A notable feature in the Samsung HMD Odyssey is its per-eye resolution of 1440×1600 for the two 3.5″ displays with a 90Hz refresh rate, which is significantly higher than that of rival headsets like Acer or Dell. Another key difference is that Samsung's headset doesn't have a flip-up, welder-mask-style visor like every other Windows Mixed Reality headset.

The $499 price includes two motion controllers, and the headset will have integrated AKG headphones that support spatial audio. The Samsung HMD Odyssey includes inside-out tracking, which means users won't need to set up an external camera to track a wearer's motion in space. There are also built-in microphones for communicating with Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant through the headset.


Given its specifications and price, this premium headset is set to give a tough fight to Facebook's Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the market.

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