Samsung gets innovative with display solution

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NEW DELHI, INDIA: With the objective to evoke innovation in the display solutions market, Samsung is banking on software that allows customers to digitally divide their display units in up to six grids.


The software has been generated by the R&D division of Samsung India, and enables customers to get access to multi-screen display solution.

All the newly manufactured Samsung monitors in the market are bundled with the software and are available in all the screen sizes starting from 17-inch.

Speaking on the competitive advantages of the multi-screen solution, Manu Nanda, Senior Manager—IT Division, Samsung India Electronics commented, “This software allows its users to get a simultaneous view of the different applications running on the screen and it helps them in managing their tasks in a better manner.”


The software can run on all the operating systems including Linux, on Samsung monitors. The company is primarily targeting the corporate section for the product line.

Commenting on the distribution model of the monitors, Sanjay Sharma, VP—IT Division, Samsung India Electronics informed that since the product is being targeted at the corporate segment, the monitors are primarily marketed through channel partners and solution providers who have the account of corporate customers.

“We have appointed around 300 partners for the monitors that are bundled with the new software. We are educating and training the partners about the new technology so that they can further forward the detailed information to the customers,” he said.

Focusing on the potential of display solution products in Indian environment, Nanda shared that this segment is emerging in a big way in Indian market specifically in sectors like education, hospitality, finance, banking, security, stock broking, etc.