Samsung Galaxy S8 owners can now disable the Bixby button

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All those Samsung Galaxy S8 users who have had enough of summoning Bixby by accident, here is your redemption. Samsung has sent out a new update for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 that lets you disable the Bixby button. The South-Korean company has also blocked third-party apps from unlocking the button and customize it for some other use.


To disable the button, install the update, open the new toggle or Bixby setting, and select 'don't open anything.' Users, however, cannot disable Bixby itself - you only disable the command from the dedicated Bixby button, and users can still swipe left or use voice commands to summon the assistant.

The update doesn’t appear to be available on every device, but Sammobile says it’s slowly rolling out to existing handsets.

While you no longer have to deal with Bixby piping up randomly, you’re still left with a useless button on the side of your phone. And everyone is hoping that Samsung will soon change its mind and allow people to use the button to open their favorite app or launch camera.

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