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Samsung C-Lab to reveal new smart glasses, directional speaker at CES’18

Samsung Creative Lab (C-Lab) is going to showcase new products at the Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2018. According to a TechCrunch report, the new products include S-Ray portable directional speaker, GoBreath, and Relumino glasses. The CES 2018 will take place from January 9 to January 12.

Sound Ray(S-Ray)


S-Ray or Sound Ray is a portable directional speaker developed by Samsung Creative Lab. The directional speaker is designed in a very compact manner and has a unique system module which helps people to avoid using earphone for a long time. Basically, it gives an earphone like experience without using the earphone.


GoBreath is a smart device to help people suffering from lung damage and postoperative pulmonary complications to recover faster. GoBreath connects to your smartphone app to teach patients techniques like inspiration, coughing or deep breathing. Patients can also track their lungs recovery through the app and helps doctors monitor their patients progress remotely.


Another interesting device to be unveiled at the CES 2018 is the Relumino smart glasses, which aims to help people with impaired vision see things more clearly and read the text without any strain on the eyes. The glasses work in conjunction with a smartphone, utilizing its processors and batteries, which makes Relumino glasses light and comfortable to wear.

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