Samsung and LG could launch their foldable devices in 2017

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CIOL Samsung and LG could launch their foldable devices in 2017

Samsung has been trying to launch its first foldable phones since 2015, as seen in company's patent filing forms. According to KoreaHerald report, Samsung will reportedly unveil portable devices with folding screens in the third quarter of this year.


However, Samsung is not alone. To bolster the race course, LG is also expected to launch fold-out smartphones this year.

Samsung is likely to build 100,000 of the smartphone-cum-tablets in the third quarter, while LG may manufacture the same quantity in the fourth quarter, the report claims. However, both the companies are yet to confirm the report.

The South-Korean giant is currently working on a flexible phone that folds open into a 7-inch tablet. Last year, Samsung had finished the development of fold-in phones. However, soon the company began to develop fold-out technology, to avoid customer's inconvenience to unfold the phones with every usage.


The report also claims that LG is ahead of Samsung, in terms of technology. "LG started the development of fold-out technology two to three years ago, and currently has more advanced technology than Samsung."

While Samsung is expected to keep the technology for its own series of smartphones - Galaxy - LG is expected to use the technology for other clients too such as Apple or Huawei.

Folding the device might give you a smaller and more portable smartphone, which could essentially double the size of the screen. But it might come with its own technical problems when folded. Nevertheless, we will have to wait for the official launch to see how a flexible display will affect the user experience.

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