Samsung and BlackBerry partner to build high security “SecuTablet”

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CIOL Samsung and BlackBerry partner to build high security “SecuTablet”

Thanks to technology, we are always at work even on the move. However, even after hoarding warnings like "Confidential report”- should not be shared", these kernel details are not safe from cyber criminals. Hence, Samsung and BlackBerry have created SecuTABLET, which they claim to be the perfect device to deal with these security concerns.


In an attempt to create a device that could provide a viable option to those routinely handling classified information on their electronic devices, Samsung and BlackBerry have come together with this secured device that uses the Secusmart Security card responsible for securely encrypting the transfer of mobile data as well as encrypting all the information already stored on the device.

A combination of Samsung’s Knox security platform and BlackBerry’s MAM platform should have made it the perfect impregnable data fortress for classified information.

The SecuTABLET has been created specifically to suit the requirements of the German government. It is already being deployed by German government agencies and is globally available for sale. Based on the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the SecuTablet has been approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at the “classified – for official use only” (VS-NfD)” security level.


Don't worry if you're not in Germany. SecuTABLET will fit right in; almost everywhere that requires a high degree of security for data.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Christoph Erdmann, Managing Director of Secusmartsaid,"With the SecuTABLET, for the first time, we are combining secure software and hardware from multiple manufacturers into a joint solution. Receiving approval from the BSI confirms our resolve to offer solutions that combine maximum security with ease of operation and that are always available on the very latest hardware."

Samsung has provided the device with an extra layer of security in form of its Knox mobile security platform. The Knox platform is pretty handy considering that it allows users to reliably separate sensitive information from personal data. "Samsung Knox has allowed us to create a foundation on which to develop mobile security solutions. The SecuTABLET is an impressive example of this," said, Sascha Lekic, Director of B2B Sales, IT& Mobile Communication at Samsung Electronics GmbH.

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