This Saharanpur girl's cryptocurrency app is a big hit on iOS

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At a time when teenagers are busy playing video games and wasting their time on the social networking websites, a 16-year-old from Saharanpur named Harshita Arora has developed a paid cryptocurrency app called Crypto Price Tracker that updates users about the price fluctuations in more than 1,000 cryptocurrencies in 32 countries.


The app also allows users to help track their portfolio, and gains, as well as save cryptocurrencies they want to track.

Dropped out of school at the age of 14, Harshita, daughter of local financer and homemaker mother told TOI  that she was "not cut out for common courses and that she had her "fundamentals" very clear from the beginning." She further added, "I don’t underestimate school education in India but these common courses are not for me. My computer teacher introduced me to the wonderful world of technology. I have a different goal in life that the current education system may not provide. I am being homeschooled. Computer technology must be given its due in the school curriculum."

Harshita says her inspiration to code came from her Computer Science teacher. In 2016, she went for an internship with Salesforce in Bangalore, which became a stepping stone to her attending MIT Launch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a four-week long entrepreneurship programme for people between the age of 15 and 19.


Harshita says she has been reading about cryptocurrencies for a while now considering it is all over the internet. She found the crypto price tracker an interesting area, as all the existing apps, according to her are either really bad or incomplete.

The app which went live on 28 January 2018, became the number two finance app in the US and Canada Apple App Store within 24 hours of launch. On the first day, the app received 240 downloads and 1,000 in the week.

The teenager is moving to the US in June and eventually sees herself as an entrepreneur. Currently, she is working on a new app, Snap Food that will aim at providing exhaustive information on a particular food item, its ingredients and nutritional value.