SafeScrypt issues India's first digital signature certificate

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BANGALORE: India's first Certifying Authority (CA) for digital signatures,

SafeScrypt Ltd., issued India’s first Digital Signature Certificate to Indian

government’s Minister of Communications and IT, Pramod Mahajan. The digital

identity was issued to the minister at an official ceremony during ICT INDIA



Earlier this week, SafeScrypt, a company promoted by Satyam Infoway Ltd.,

became the first company to get a CA license for Digital Signatures from the

Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), Ministry of IT, Government of India.

A Digital Signature Certificate is a secure electronic digital identity of an

individual on the Internet. So consumers or professionals can digitally sign

emails, documents, any transaction, or any other electronic data or

communication. This means banking and financial transactions online, whether

between a bank and its customers, or between the government and citizens, online

retail shopping as well as business transactions, all become a reality. For

certificates issued by a Certifying Authority is legally recognized in a court

of law in India and is given the same status as that of physical signatures.

The minister said, "SafeScrypt has ushered in an era of secure

Internet-based transactions that will help to promote online transactions and

e-commerce in the country." He also stated that this will prove to be a

vital link towards implementing the IT Act 2000, and pave the way for the growth

of eCommerce, eLearning and eGovernance in India. As well as the growth of IT

enabled services with the rest of the world.

Reserve Bank of India’s Governor Bimal Jalan, received the second Digital

Signature Certificate on the occasion. "This is a red-letter day in the

development of eCommerce, IT and IT services through Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

in India. For, using digital identities, consumers as well as corporates can now

fearlessly communicate and make secure electronic transactions," says,

Government of India’s Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA), KN Gupta.

Satyam Infoway, Managing Director & CEO, R Ramaraj, said, "Digital

Signatures are the key to secure online transactions and the growth of eCommerce.

As the pioneer in Internet and networking in India, this was a critical point of

focus for all of us at Sify- to catalyze the growth of eCommerce by enabling

secure online transactions. With the issue of India's first digital signature to

Mr. Pramod Mahajan, this has become a reality. It gives us pride and immense

satisfaction as Indians to be part of a select group of progressive nations with

PKI infrastructure for secure eCommerce."