SaaS not cannibal for BPM: Datamonitor

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NEW YORK, US: The inherent success of the SaaS model and BPM has forced many vendors to rethink the applicability of SaaS to BPM. Datamonitor believes that this is the right time for BPM to take its SaaS strategy mainstream.  A report explores the latest developments in the field of BPM and looks at market offerings.


The effect of SaaS BPM offerings on the BPM market will be complementary rather than cannibalistic. SaaS model will boost the proliferation of BPM and help BPM reach a larger user base. However, not all categories of vendors will seize these opportunities

While demand in the on-premises BPM market continues unabated, SaaS BPM is slowly finding acceptance in certain pockets of the BPM market. Datamonitor believes that lower entry costs, broader reach and faster time to deployment could endear SaaS BPM offerings to customers that are comfortable with cloud computing application delivery model.

Many business processes are executed with resources outside an organization, such as BPO, SaaS customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM) and cloud infrastructure. As the number of external influences in a process grow, it will become imperative for BPM to be able to customize the external services it consumes.