Ruby will be the preferred language in the future

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BANGALORE, INDIA: Entering its 20th year, Ruby on Rails (RoR) can be defined as an open source web application framework which runs on the Ruby programming language. A full-stack framework, it allows creating pages and applications that gather information from the web server, talk to or query the database, and render templates out of the box.

A recent report reveals that about top 1 million websites are using Ruby on Rails as their framework and the trend is increasing. These websites include business, entertainment, health, shopping, social media, technology, travel etc.

Since 2012, the adoption rate for Ruby on Rails has grown upto 15 percent among start ups.


In an exclusive interaction, Gautam Rege, founder, director, Josh Software, talked on the importance of Ruby-on-Rails, why it is still preferred by developers and future of RoR. Excerpts:

CIOL: Why should an engineer learn Ruby-on-Rails? Do you think Ruby on Rails is still a preferred framework by budding developers?

Gautam Rege: in the last decade or so, we have seen a gradual shift of companies shifting their operations online. There is an inherent need for engineers to be exposed to frameworks such as Ruby on Rails. As organizations move online, they will be constantly seeking to build high performing and scalable applications quicker and economically.

Rails is one of the best frameworks to build these types of applications, and Rails uses the Ruby language. Going forward, Ruby on Rails will be a game-changer for developing web applications across the world, and it will be an integral skill in the repertoire of any passionate programmer.

CIOL: According to you, why is Ruby on Rails gaining traction?

GR: The adoption of Ruby on Rails has been growing quickly especially in the West as it has a high awareness. In India, it has been picking up in awareness, and we have seen interest from more and more companies as they learn about its benefits and advantages.

Its adoption will pick up speed as organizations learn about the speed at which these applications can be built, and the flexibility they have post deployments. Further due to Ruby on Rails being an open source framework, there is a larger scope to build innovative web solutions based on client requirements as it creates fewer boundaries. Ruby on Rails allows programming to truly be an art as the possibilities are endless.

CIOL: And, where do you think it is used the most?

GR: Ruby on Rails is being used by many of the major web-based companies to some extent across the world. Established organization may be resisting the change even though they know its benefits, as the change may require a huge paradigm shift in operations and extra costs. Having said that, many new and emerging companies are choosing the Ruby on Rails framework. This framework will soon be a preferred language for more and more companies as they shift operations online.

CIOL: Is Ruby the best programming language for the future? If yes, can you quantify with few points?

GR: There is nothing such as the ‘best’ language as every language has its own benefits and is the best fit for that particular situation. Ruby on Rails framework allows a programmer to be innovative in the development process of building a web solution. Due it quick development timelines and potential for high innovation, more and more organizations have started to understand that the Ruby language may be the best fit for them.

Further, as the Rails framework is easily integrated into other infrastructures as well as having the ability to give high performance and scalability, Ruby will be the language of the future.

Ruby now also works in JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and with the advent of JRuby; it can easily be adopted into big enterprise as well as start ups. The speed of JVM, ease of language and lesser maintenance makes Ruby as the language of this decade and beyond. The Ruby language is now entering its 20Th year, and has now reached where Java was in the 90s. Looking at the trend, its quite clear Ruby language will be the preferred language in the future.

CIOL: How do you see adoption of Ruby programming language in India/globally?

GR: Globally, the language has been adopted heavily as the awareness is quite high and benefits are well known. In India, we tend to have a wait and watch approach before adapting a new language, but after seeing the success of the Rails framework globally and ecommerce increasing in India, Rails has started to get a keen interest from Indian companies as well.

Today, Indians are paying bills, buying movie tickets, and shopping for gifts online; this trend is sure to continue and market set to grow, and in this scenario, Ruby on Rails will gain a lot of traction in India.

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