Rubrik Introduces $10 Million Ransomware Recovery Warranty in India

Rubrik, the Zero Trust Information Security Organization, has announced its $10 million Ransomware Recovery Warranty. Read here to know more.

Manisha Sharma
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Rubrik, the Zero Trust Information Security Organization, has announced its $10 million Ransomware Recovery Warranty, reaffirming its devotion to clients and their business flexibility. With this new guarantee, Rubrik plans to impart trust in its clients, guaranteeing them that in case of a ransomware assault, they can quickly recuperate and reestablish basic business tasks.


Ransomware assaults have developed into a faltering $8.4 trillion industry around the world, making them a considerable danger to our economy. The Rubrik Zero Labs Province of Information Security report, which studied more than 1,600 IT and security pioneers, uncovered that over a portion of the associations addressed were impacted by a ransomware assault in the previous year. In India, an outstanding 26% of respondents revealed persevering through more than 100 endeavored digital assaults around the same time, while 51% of organizations experienced a deficiency of clients due to digital assaults.

“With the ever-growing sophistication of cybercrime, reducing the risk of a ransomware attack to zero has become a harrowing task. This ongoing evolution demands organizations to stay vigilant and ready for the inevitable instance of a cyber attack,” said Bipul Sinha, Co-Founder & CEO, Rubrik. "Bringing our Ransomware Recovery Warranty to India is an imperative step towards reinforcing trust and demonstrating unwavering global support to our customers in the battle against cyber threats.”

In an exclusive interview with Ciol, Bipul Sinha, the visionary Co-Founder and CEO of Rubrik, shared invaluable insights about the new announcement Ransomware Recovery Warranty. Read here to know more!


What is the concept of this recovery warranty? Can you please give us the details?

Recovery warranty is all about delivering peace of mind to our customers, ensuring they are confident about their recovery. It encompasses not only providing our customers with the best technology as a robust platform but also offering the best practices and a top-notch recovery team, brought to you by Rubrik.

What is the process to claim this ransomware recovery warranty?


Yes, we actually document the process as part of our documentation. However, the more important thing here is how we ensure that we deliver the best technology, the best team, and the best practices so that they are prepared to recover.

Are there any limitations or conditions that come with this Ransomware Recovery Warranty?

When we collaborate with our esteemed customers, our commitment to assisting them in times of crisis, such as dealing with ransomware attacks, is an integral part of our business contract.


You mentioned that we are securing the world's data. So what are the practices behind this?

Data is the most critical asset of every organization. The cybersecurity industry is focused on safeguarding the infrastructure, believing that preventing attacks will secure the data. However, this assumption may not always hold true. A Rubrik directly ensures the protection of this vital business asset, making it ready to remain operational even during cyber attacks.

Which industry will get the most benefits from this Ransomware recovery warranty?


If you think about industries with vast amounts of data, such as banking, financial services, healthcare, and retail, you'll find that all of these sectors have one thing in common. Every industry, along with any business utilizing applications and data, holds the potential to become a Rubrik customer."


In a nutshell, Rubrik's latest announcement of a $10 million ransomware recuperation guarantee in India addresses a critical and proactive step towards supporting information security and versatility nearby. This gallant move exhibits Rubrik's commitment to shielding organizations from the continually developing threat of ransomware assaults and highlights their confidence in their information assurance arrangements.