RSA brings new version of ECAT

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Sharath Kumar
New Update

SINGAPORE: RSA, The Security Division of EMC has announced, the latest version of ECAT for advanced endpoint threat and malware protection.


The RSA ECAT is designed to enable analysts to quickly hunt down and block new malware missed by existing tools by focusing on analysing the behavior of every process on the endpoint for suspicious indicators rather than relying on traditional malware signatures.

The new version of RSA ECAT also helps allow analysts to block suspicious endpoint activity across the enterprise whether the endpoints are on or off the corporate network – reducing the opportunity for an attacker to take advantage of off-network activity. Analyst response to suspicious activity is also better prioritised by a newly introduced intelligent risk scoring algorithm that is engineered to leverage advanced machine-learning techniques to enable faster detection and categorisation of a wider range of malicious endpoint behavior.

The next version of RSA ECAT will be available in Q3 2015.

Grant Geyer, senior vice president, Products, RSA said: “Cyber criminals are becoming more creative when it comes to developing new techniques to penetrate an organisation’s network. If a network is infected by an unknown malware, relying on signature-based tools like Anti-Virus solutions will leave you with a false sense of security. When a network is at risk, analysts must be able to detect the issue quickly, and rapidly understand the type of attack along with the affected systems to understand the extent of malicious activity at the endpoints. RSA ECAT complements our network and cloud approaches to provide pervasive visibility for faster threat detection and remediation.”