Robots to load goods in Indian factories

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MUMBAI: The growth of Industrial robots is gathering pace in India as FMCG, Logistics & Food & beverage industries increase their operations in the country. According to estimates, the $70 billion food and beverage industry & $24 billion FMCG industry has an annual growth rate of 20 per cent. With the Indian economy expected to grow at the rate of six to eight per cent, the $14 billion logistic industry is poised for a quantum leap thereby providing a huge potential for palletizing robots.


A new breed of robots could well address the potential demand from FMCG, logistics and food & beverage industry in the country. This heavy duty palletizing Robots are claimed to safely load goods of 1300 kg and 700kg. Palletizing robots are very useful in loading and wrapping big and heavy goods & are typically used by FMCG, logistics and consumer goods companies. These robots will help Indian manufactures to increase productivity & quality, leading to increased profitability.

Industrial robot supplier in India, KUKA Robotics (India) Private Limited, has launched its new heavy payloads industrial robots in India. KUKA Robotics already supplies palletizing robots internationally to numerous renowned clients.

Raj Singh Rathee, Managing Director of KUKA Robotics (India) Private Limited said, "We are delighted to bring in the world's heaviest palletizing robot into India. With an improving economy and increased demand for goods, there is a huge potential for designing products to improve palletizing efficiency in Indian industry. As per our internal research we feel that the demand for heavy palletizing robots is likely to grow in India and we feel that there is a large market for them in the FMCG, logistics and consumer goods industry in India. KUKA Palletizing Robots are characterized by extremely short cycle times and long reaches, and can be used to implement virtually any customer-specific palletizing solution for a payload range from 40 kg to 1,300 kg.