Ritu Kumar relies on retail analytics for better merchandising decisions

Soma Tah
New Update

MUMBAI, INDIA: Ritu Kumar, one of the most admired designer-wear brands in India has chosen Manthan's Retail Analytics solution to power key merchandising decisions.


As Ritu Kumar and its sub-brand 'Label' cater to an increasingly diverse global consumer base, Ritu Kumar requires the ability to forecast demand, identify assortment gaps and improve allocation to meet their business goals.

Manthan’s Advanced Retail Analytics will enable Ritu Kumar to accurately forecast demand for new SKUs, identify opportunity areas in their existing assortment range and optimize their in-season allocation and delivery plans. The advanced analytics solution will provide granular insights that help in introducing the right products based on customer preferences, optimal in-season allocation across channels based on key attributes and insights to refine their delivery strategy.

The ready-to-use solution offers merchandisers advanced algorithms out of the box, eliminating the need for business users to rely on data scientists and IT for detailed analysis.


“Manthan’s Retail Analytics solution perfectly matched our requirements and provided us fast time to value. The solution is intuitive and our business users now have access to complex analytical insights to drive better business outcomes with just a few clicks,” said Amrish Kumar, CEO, Ritu Kumar.

“We are thrilled to add a marquee brand like Ritu Kumar to our customer roster and very excited about the rapid adoption of leading-edge analytics in fashion. Manthan’s full spectrum of analytics capabilities are essential to address omni-channel retail challenges and drive profitable decisions,” said Seema Agarwal, VP -Retail Analytics, Manthan.

Manthan is rapidly expanding its footprint and some of the largest retailers already use Manthan’s solutions, she said.

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