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SAN JOSE, USA: HiT Software, Inc., a leader in database access, integration and replication, today announced .NET application development productivity improvements achieved at Seaboard Marine and Morgan Corporation through the use of HiT Software’s Ritmo .NET data providers for IBM DB2/IBM i databases.


The Ritmo family of products provides high-performance access to DB2 data from Windows .NET applications. Ritmo products support Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Microsoft Enterprise Library to speed access to components and applications.

A special Ritmo Developers Edition includes the C# Toolkit, helping Windows .NET application developers remove guesswork, reduce database access testing time, and eliminate the need for IBM DB2/IBM i expertise when designing Windows applications that require DB2 data.

Luis Barahona, senior programmer at Seaboard Marine LTD uses Ritmo’s C# Toolkit to cut development time. “We have been able to test and manage DB2 data connections required by our .NET applications through the help of the Ritmo C# Toolkit from HiT Software. This Toolkit has significantly helped reduce the amount of time and effort required to develop our .NET applications, debug and manage them. Going through those steps could take a programmer a lot of effort, with the C# Toolkit, we can do it in minutes.”


According to Michael Gilbert, Tavilo CEO and solutions integrator for Morgan Corporation, "I have yet to find faster .NET middleware for the IBM i. Ritmo worked right out of the box and was simple for us to OEM."

“Our objective is to make products that help developers and IT staff reduce the time, cost and effort to integrate data into applications and other database systems,” said Giacomo Lorenzin, president and CEO, HiT Software.

He added: “Our customers selected Ritmo and its C# Toolkit for the unique ability to ensure timely, cost-effective .NET application integration to critical data, often found in IBM i production systems. Business objectives demand a quick development cycle, and there is significant cost attached to design resources and turnaround time. By using Ritmo and its C# Toolkit, organizations can curb excessive development expense and assure dependable data-managed application solutions.”


Ritmo is HiT Software’s family of 100 percent .NET managed providers that allow Windows .NET applications access to IBM DB2 data, including IBM i. Ritmo does not require any additional DB2 server software. The C# Toolkit connects to DB2 through the Ritmo .NET provider.

The C# Toolkit provides toolbar buttons to connect and disconnect data sources, run catalog queries, create and drop tables, run SQL queries, run parametric queries, run IBM i commands, run stored procedures and retrieve result sets. Users can view and modify table contents using the C# Toolkit’s data grid. Ease-of-use features such as drop-down menus and point-and-click functionality make management easy for any designer or developer.

HiT Software’s line of DB2 connectivity products are all standards-based, high-performance, small footprint solutions. Designed for both client and server access, HiT Software’s connectivity products help IT programmers and database users deploy secure, distributed applications that need integration with IBM DB2 data on IBM i, Linux, Unix, Windows, mainframe and AIX systems. In addition to its Ritmo .NET connectivity products, HiT Software offers OLE DB, ODBC and JDBC product families for IBM DB2/IBM i access.