RFID wristbands get popular for easy access management

Soma Tah
New Update

GUANGDONG, CHINA: Along with the rapid progress of RFID technology, RFID wristband has gradually become the cornerstone of efficient and secure access control and payment for miscellaneous applications, including events, festivals, amusement parks, hotels as well as bars and clubs.


Recently, Daily RFID has released a wide range of RFID wristbands based on a standard RFID technology that can be RFID-enabled to work with any RFID system at various festivals and events around the world. What's more, in virtue of the high quality and outstanding performance, the smart RFID wristband series from Daily RFID has had a great vogue among lots of organizations that require better access management.

Taking the latest released RFID wristband - 40 for example, this colorful wristband has the operating frequency of LF or HF and works with diverse IC chips, including EM4100 series (available at 125KHz), I-CODE and Mifare series (available at 13.56MHz), etc.

Compliant with ISO 15693 or ISO 14443 protocols, this RFID wristband hasthe reading distance up to 5cm to 20cm (Depends on various RFID readers and IC type).


Made of ABS housing material and unique design, this flexible RFID wristband is completely waterproof and easy-to-wear, and it has the ability to withstand all normal wear and tear in active environments, which makes it perfect for short range RFID applications such as around pools, water parks, spas, health clubs and other access control fields where a waterproof RFID bracelet is needed.

On the basis of the cutting-edge RFID technology, the extensile RFID wristband - 40 supports 1,00,000 times reading and writing and allows to be custom printed with customers' logo or any image.

In terms of event management or access control in festivals, using RFID wristband to manage access at events can deliver a variety of benefits to organizers and ticket-holders. Concretely speaking, adapting RFID technology to a security wristband gives organizations access to a world of possibilities, for example, precisely knowing how many people are in attendance and easily collecting data about individuals like name and contact information.

For wristband users, RFID wristbands help them to spend their time enjoying their venue instead of waiting in line, and at the same time, the contactless payment function of RFID wristband can eliminate transaction friction resulting in higher per capita spending and improve customer experience.