RFID to become $25 bn segment by 2025

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BANGALORE: “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

market will grow by 800 per cent at $25 billion by 2025 from $3 billion in

2005,” said KS Raghunandan, director, ASEAN-SA, industrial sector, IBM


Addressing the national conference on RFID, here today, he added that increase
in adoption, innovation and application in technology has an inverse effect on

its cost and size.

Increased availability of RFID tags and labels have been put to a lot of
innovative use. This variety of application of RFID and its benefits can be

reaped with long-term commitment and recurring cost. It is just a building block

and not a solution by itself, said Raghunandan.

He highlighted the need to build a platform for ongoing business innovation
based on compliance, optimization and transformation. “When companies are

looking at deploying RFID, they have to focus on areas like speed of adoption,

technology readiness, standard of deployment.”

Raghunandan stressed on the need to collectively define industry roadmaps with
measured investments in the near term, and drive enough scale to reduce costs to

accelerate broader adoption.

RFID when coupled with process change will help transform industry ecosystem
into an on demand business and deliver ROI, he added.

Providing an overview of RFID business and parameters of successful deployment,
Amit Phadnis, CEO, Symbol Technologies India Pvt. Ltd, said that business

process automation and interoperability with other existing data acquisition

systems like barcodes is essential.

Phadnis said large-scale manufacturers and retail would specify mandates for
RFID adoption in future. He said that end-to-end business process integration

and automation is missing in most of the business.

Dr Anup K Pujari, principal secretary, Department of IT and BT, Government of
Karnataka, said, “Awareness of RFID is very significant now and Government is

planning to deploy RFID in public distribution system to avoid theft, to track

on trail criminals and also to monitor traffic.”

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