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EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND: Revolution a programming tool from Runtime Revolution received a major update with the release of Revolution 3.0. The new version dramatically improves the script editor, making it easier for newcomers and more comfortable for experienced programmers. The company also slashed the retail price of the product line as much as 50 percent.


"The script editor is where our customers spend most of their time," said Kevin Miller, Runtime Revolution CEO. "So these improvements really make a huge difference. In the new version, we've integrated coding and debugging tools in a convenient and customizable way that is robust, efficient and understandable."

Other new features include graphics enhancements (including seven types of programmable gradient fills and strokes for vector objects); nested, multidimensional arrays; and a resource center filled with hundreds of examples to help new users get up to speed quickly.

Along with the new features, Revolution now sports lower prices. The bread-and-butter Studio edition -- which can create true standalone applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux.


"We've made the product more accessible, not only by adding a lot of learning resources and organizing them better, but also by reducing the price." Miller said. "Our rapid growth over the last year has enabled that."

Revolution 3.0 includes the following new features:

  • All-new Script Editor
  • New Start Center
  • New Resource Center - learn Revolution quickly
  • Overhauled documentation
  • Nested (multi-dimensional) arrays
  • New gradient fill support
  • Graphic object improvements
  • Improved image rotation
  • Overhauled menu accelerator support
  • Over 150 bug fixes and minor enhancements