Revolt RV400: Enhances the technology game for smart mobility segment

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Revolt intellicorp Pvt. Ltd, the latest venture of the renowned and established entrepreneur Rahul Sharma today, unveiled the first of many “tech packed”, environment-friendly, GEN.1 of sporty yet ergonomic electric motorcycles and it’s called the Revolt RV400. This homogenous 500 crore project established in a plant in Manesar, Haryana has been focused on extensive R&D in order to present a host of segment-first technology assisting the functioning of the vehicle.

What’s new on offer?

The first motorcycle with artificial intelligence enabled

Being the first all-electric motorcycle to be launched in India, it is also the first motorcycle to have AI enabled a digital system which assists the vehicle to analyse riding patterns, rider’s routines and assimilating riding environment to significant information to the owner improving efficiency retrospectively. Integration of AI will also help in enhancing the experience of some connected features of the vehicle with the help of a dedicated smartphone app.

First “connected” motorcycle in India

Revolt will be the first electric motorcycle company to have used the integration of E-sim technology enabling features like vehicle tracking, Geo-fencing, internet connectivity and satellite navigation. This will be linked with a smartphone app that will enable the owner of the vehicle to use all these features along with using the Start/Stop feature from a remote location. Cloud service will also be enabled by the virtue of these features in order to deliver fundamental information regarding the vehicle to its owner. The AI system is based on the fundamental concept of Collecting, Analysing and Understanding interlinked activities and responding for better outcomes accordingly. The app will also give information regarding the battery condition and percentage of power remaining, etc.

Artificial exhaust sound

Very crucial component enthusiasts miss in the electric vehicles is the symphony of the exhaust note. Taking care of this quotient, Revolt has equipped the vehicle with a Sound Synthesis system which will use the digital signal processor and external speakers which will emit an exhaust sound just like a gasoline engine as per the throttle response. There will be various simulated sound templates describing the sound of different types of IC engines to choose from which can be changed and managed using the mobile app.

Battery pack and charging

The RV400 will use a removable, portable type battery pack which can be taken out of the bike and can be plugged into a regular power output socket. It was also available with a portable On Board charger which will be able to juice-up the vehicle from NIL to Full in less than four hours. The company is also planning to develop a swappable battery network which will allow owners to swap depleted batteries with fully-charged ones at swap stations and also by delivery on demand which will be guided by the smartphone app.

The revolt has got into collaborations with a lot of industry leading companies for developing the design, technology and powertrain for the bike. Due to this reason, the bike looks a lot like SUPER SOCO TS as the company has shared its platform for developing the RV400.

The bike has an ARAI claimed the range of 156 km on a single charge and will manage to reach a top speed of 85 km\h even though they haven’t the exact output of the battery pack yet.

Bookings for the Revolt RV400 will begin from June 25th for an amount of rs.1000 to rs.5000 as per the dealership and is also available through the platform. It is expected to go on sale around the month of July.


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