Reliance's Tira Beauty Threatens Nykaa's Dominance in Beauty Retail

Reliance's Tira Beauty Threatens Nykaa's Dominance in Beauty Retail. Here are some of the key challenges Tira Beauty poses to Nykaa.

Manisha Sharma
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The Indian beauty and cosmetics industry has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years, with a surge in demand for a wide range of products and services. Among the key players in this thriving market, Nykaa has long been the undisputed leader. However, the landscape is changing, and a formidable challenger has emerged in the form of Reliance's Tira Beauty. This newcomer is making waves in the beauty retail sector and posing a significant threat to Nykaa's dominance. In this article, we will explore the rise of Tira Beauty and the challenges it presents to Nykaa.


Reliance Retail unveiled its premier Tira store at Jio World Drive in the Bandra Kurla Complex of Mumbai, concurrently introducing the Tira mobile app and website. The omnichannel beauty platform will directly compete with established leaders like Nykaa, as well as other players such as Tata Cliq Palette and Sephora.

Reliance Retail has announced that Tira provides a curated selection of both international and domestic brands. In the previous year, Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd (RRVL) acquired a significant ownership interest in the makeup and personal care brand, Insight Cosmetics. According to a 2021 report by the global market research platform Statista, India secured the fourth position in revenue generation within the beauty and personal care market, trailing only the United States, China, and Japan. The report also projected an 18.2 percent growth in online sales over the coming years.

“We are excited to bring the Tira experience to our Indian customers, Our vision for Tira is to be the leading beauty destination for accessible yet aspirational beauty, one that is inclusive and one that harbours the mission of becoming the most loved beauty retailer in India,” said Reliance Retail’s Executive Director Isha Ambani.


Tira's online platform not only features shoppable videos, blogs, tutorials, and personal recommendations but also offers virtual try-on capabilities. The Tira store, located at Jio World Drive, occupies a generous 4,300 square feet and boasts a design crafted by Dalziel & Pow, an innovation studio headquartered in London.

Tira's website features a dedicated section known as "Tira Red," where it offers a selection of high-end beauty products. Additionally, the platform also offers a range of more affordable, non-luxury items.

Within the Tira platform, you can explore a wide variety of products spanning eight distinct categories, which encompass makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrance, men's grooming products, and baby care.


Omni-channel Strategy

Tira Beauty's omni-channel strategy has also played a pivotal role in its success. The brand seamlessly integrates its offline and online channels, providing customers with a unified shopping experience. This approach aligns with the evolving consumer preferences for both physical and digital shopping, giving Tira Beauty a competitive edge.

Challenges to Nykaa's Dominance


Nykaa, India's leading beauty e-commerce platform, has enjoyed a dominant position in the market for years. However, Tira Beauty's aggressive expansion and innovative strategies are beginning to chip away at Nykaa's stronghold. Here are some of the key challenges Tira Beauty poses to Nykaa:

  • While Nykaa started as an online platform and has since expanded into physical stores, Tira Beauty entered the market with a robust physical presence from the start. This allows Tira Beauty to reach customers who prefer the in-store experience and seek immediate gratification.
  • Tira Beauty's extensive product range competes directly with Nykaa's offerings, giving customers more options and potentially driving them away from Nykaa's platform.
  • Tira Beauty’s seamless integration of online and offline channels offers customers convenience and flexibility. Nykaa, while making progress in this direction, still faces challenges in achieving the same level of integration.
  • Both Nykaa and Tira Beauty have sought exclusive partnerships with international brands, but Tira Beauty's strong backing and rapid growth may make it an attractive partner for more global brands looking to enter the Indian market.


Tira Beauty, a brand under Reliance, has made remarkable strides in the Indian beauty and cosmetics market, posing a formidable challenge to Nykaa's dominance. With its expansive product range, multi-channel approach, and innovative customer engagement strategies, Tira Beauty has swiftly emerged as a powerful contender. While Nykaa remains a significant player, the competition is intensifying, ultimately benefiting consumers who now enjoy increased choices and enhanced shopping experiences in the beauty retail sector. The future will reveal how these two industry giants continue their rivalry to capture the loyalty and spending of Indian beauty enthusiasts.