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NEW DELHI: US based telecom solution provider PEC Telecom Technologies with its Indian entity based in New Delhi is gearing itself up to provide its telecom voice mail solution — ‘VoiceSaver’ to Mumbai based telecom major, Reliance.

"We are going to provide our voice mail solution - VoiceSaver to Reliance for its WLL platform. We will be providing close to one million voice mail boxes initially, but this number will depend on the demand of this service as we move forward. We are likely to start the proceedings towards this end within two months," informed CEO for PEC’s Indian operations Chaman Kapoor.

VoiceSaver operates as an auto attendant or as a voice mail system and is already used by many industries such as voice mail service bureaus, radio paging companies, news service bureaus, etc. globally.

"It integrates with most of the PBX's and Central Office Switches. Reliance has identified two server locations in India, where this product will be installed initially. However, Reliance has not disclosed these locations to us. Ideally this would be installed at the metros first," Kapoor added.

Speaking on the storage capacity of the solution, he said that the system is quite flexible when it comes to storing data. "The storage capability of this product depends on the storage capacity at the operator’s level," he added.

Founded in 1984, Parwan Electronics Corporation is a US based player focusing on the voice processing industry. "Our software is designed to run on multiple platforms including MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me or Windows NT/2000. This is the reason why the company’s products are successfully running in North & South America, Asia, Eastern & Western Europe, as well as in Africa," Kapoor explained.

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