Reliance Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream: Which is best for you?

Jio Fiber and its nearest competitor Airtel Xstream has various plans to attract consumers. But which one is most suitable for you!

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Reliance Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream

Jio Fiber entered in the market, on September 5, 2019, but even before everyone curious to know what plans they will bring and what will be the welcome offer. Now it’s an old story, everyone is aware of Jio Fiber plans and is only JioFiber has great plans and offer or its nearest competitor Airtel Xstream has better plans for you?


Today we are going to compare only two plans of each service provider, Jio Fiber Vs Airtel Xstream, entry plan, and platinum plans.

Jio Vs Airtel – Bronze Vs Basic

Jio Fiber Bronze: JioFiber has a “Bronze” plan which is the cheapest Jio plan in the series. It offers 100 Mbps (up to) of speed and offers 100 (+50 GB extra) GB data per month. Additionally, you will get free voice anywhere in India, TV Video Calling / Conferencing, zero-latency gaming, home networking, and device security.


The speed is quite impressive and the data limit is also good in this plan. You would get access to gaming and other stuff which are really cool, but what about TV video calling. Nowadays, people don’t prefer to go for TV video calls. The plan cost you 699 per month.

Airtel Xstream Basic: Airtel is trying to compete with Jio with its Basic plan of Xstream. This plan offers 100 GB Internet with up to 40 Mbps of speed. Additionally, unlimited Local/STD calls, Includes Airtel Thanks benefit and 200 GB Bonus data (valid for 6 months).

Conclusion – In this battle, Jio Fiber is a clear winner in terms of speed, data limit, and other features. So if you are considering an affordable plan then JioFiber is the right plan for you.


Jio Vs Airtel – Platinum Vs Ultra

Jio Fiber Platinum: Get the gigantic speed of 1 Gbps with "Platinum" plan of Jio Fiber that cost you 3999 per month. It offers 2500 (unlimited) GB data per month. This plan includes all the benefits of bronze, like free voice anywhere in India, TV Video Calling / Conferencing, zero-latency gaming, home networking, and device security. Additionally, you get (immersive) VR headset for theatre-like experience and PREMIUM CONTENT (First-Day First-Show movies, special Sports content).

With the welcome offer, Reliance is also giving consumers free HD TV to enjoy all the content and games.

Airtel Xstream Ultra: Costing at the same, Airtel offers unlimited data without any cap as well as 1 Gbps speed. Other benefits like unlimited Local/STD calls and Includes Airtel Thanks benefit are included. With the additional benefit of Amazon Prime membership for a year, Netflix for three months and premium access to Airtel Thanks and Xstrem will be there.

Conclusion – Winner could vary depending on your preference. If you prefer gaming then Jio is better with VR headset and first-day-first-show movie benefit. If you need premium access to Netflix and Amazon Prime content, then you can choose Airtel.

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