Reliance Empowers Startups and Enterprises with Jio True 5G Developer Platform & Lab

Akash Ambani has introduced the world to the Jio True5G developer platform and Jio True5G tester. Read here all the details.

Manisha Sharma
New Update

In a groundbreaking announcement that promises to reshape the landscape of communication,  Akash Ambani has introduced the world to the Jio True5G developer platform and Jio True5G tester. These initiatives aim to revolutionize the way we experience technology, ushering in a new era of connectivity that is faster, more reliable, and packed with innovative possibilities and facilitating the interaction of Indian enterprises, small businesses, and technology startups with the digital world.


Akash Ambani, Chairman, of Reliance Jio, said that we are building a transformative platform that will change the way Indian enterprises, small businesses, and technology startups interact with the digital world.

He also said that the Jio True5G Developer Platform is a comprehensive platform combining our 5G network, edge computing, and a spectrum of applications and services. It gives enterprises the control and options to activate network slices on demand, deploy applications on Jio’s multi-access Edge-compute locations, and access a diverse ecosystem of partner applications – all within a single platform. This fusion of 5G network, Edge computing, and service orchestration is transformative for Indian businesses.

He announced the Jio True5G Lab, a facility designed to accelerate industry transformation using Jio True5G. In this facility, our technology partners and enterprise customers can develop, test, and co-create multiple industry-specific solutions. The inaugural Jio True5G Lab will be located at the Reliance Corporate Park, acting as the nerve center for shaping India's 5G future.


He discussed the importance of granting businesses the authority to activate network slices based on their requirements. Jio will assist in deploying applications through its multi-access compute locations and a wide array of partners. Akash Ambani also highlighted that the convergence of a 5G network, edge computing, and other applications will profoundly benefit Indian businesses. This integration eliminates the need for dependence on numerous tools.

He further clarified, "The Jio True5G Developer Platform allows for the secure and rapid implementation of 5G Edge compute and low-latency applications. This facilitates quicker autonomous decision-making, immersive experiences, and real-time Edge AI."

In summary, the launch of the Jio True5G developer platform and Jio True5G tester marks a crucial moment in the advancement of technology and connectivity. Guided by Akash Ambani's vision, these initiatives pave the way for Indian enterprises, startups, and small businesses to enter a realm of innovation, teamwork, and advancement in the ever-changing digital era. With these endeavors, Reliance has solidified its role as a driving force for change, redefining the landscape of communication and technology for future generations.