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PORTLAND, GERMANY: We are not the only entity to complain of stress. Even Vista (Microsoft's controversial child) is hit by the ubiquitous and all encompassing stress. The respite is in sight in the form of Webserver Stress Tool by Paessler, the network monitoring company. Webserver Stress Tool for Windows Vista is a new version of the company's HTTP-client/server test application that adds full support for Microsoft's latest operating system. By simulating HTTP requests from hundreds and thousands of users, Windows Vista users can utilize Paessler's Webserver Stress Tool to test web server performance under normal and excessive loads and easily pinpoint critical issues in web servers that may prevent optimal performance.


"Ensuring optimal website performance is important to any business but it's imperative to ecommerce sites and organizations using their websites for lead generation," said Dirk Paessler, CEO and founder of Paessler AG. "As Vista adoption grows, our customers appreciate the flexibility and comprehensive monitoring capabilities that Webserver Stress Tool delivers, now providing more comprehensive support for the Windows platform."

Microsoft estimates that over 40 million Windows Vista licenses have been sold worldwide since its release in January 2007 and two million devices are supported by Windows Vista.

Stress tests imminent for success:


For most enterprises, a well-designed and reliable web page is one of the most important marketing tool, especially as online presence often establishes that vitally important, initial customer contact. However, website performance is just as critical to ensure a quality customer experience. A mis-configured web server and overburdened pages that take too long to load and respond are both frustrating and unnecessary obstacles for customers and providers. Only those companies that perform appropriate stress tests in advance will receive the vital information that allows them to optimize the web infrastructure for profit.

Paessler's Webserver Stress Tool can simulate the access of up to 10,000 users concurrently placing requests on the web server and generating a utilization of up to 500 Mbit/s and up to one million page views per hour. Individually programmed scripts provide for defining particular click sequences of a user in order to test certain transactions on the website intensively. Login information can, for instance, also be passed to simulate the login of users on a portal and different visitor scenarios. The conclusive results are subsequently available to the user in the form of reports containing tables and graphs in different formats for evaluation and analysis. This quickly and easily demonstrates the performance capabilities of infrastructure under stress, thus ensuring the availability of crucial information and services to the users at the speeds they expect, at all times.

From Fortune 50 to Fortune 1000, global companies are putting Webserver Stress Tool to use in a variety of industries, states a release from Paessler. Customers include America Online, AT&T Broadband,, Dell, IBM, Intel, KPMG Consulting, Macromedia, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Oracle Consulting, it adds.