Red Hat India to hold seminar on Linux

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NEW DELHI: Red Hat, a global firm involved in deployment, development and

management of open source solutions, has announced it would be hosting a seminar

'Linux for Enterprises' in twelve cities all over India.


The seminar will showcase the strength of Linux in the networked corporate

environment and emphasize on the advantages of open source computing. The cities

that will be covered during the tour will also include Bangalore, Delhi,

Calcutta and Chennai.

Explaining the importance of holding the seminars nationally, Red Hat India

director Javed Tapia said, "Red Hat recognizes the huge potential for Linux

in India, with growth rates predicted to be above 80 per cent for the next few

years. By holding these seminars, we want to help enterprises be a part of the

Linux revolution that is taking place globally. Enterprises in India can

understand various open source solutions available to them and how it can be

used to gain competitive advantage. The first such seminar held in Mumbai

received an overwhelming response underlining the growing importance that

enterprises are giving to Linux".

The Red Hat seminars will be targeted at CEOs, CIOs, middle level management

and IT professionals of large and medium enterprises. The seminar will focus on

Red Hat's latest products and applications, ranging from enterprise products to

desktop products, high availability solutions, support for large database



The seminar will also comprise demonstrations of latest Linux kernel 2.4 and

Red Hat version 7.1; demonstration from OEMs like IBM, Wipro, Integra

Microsystems, Accton of their products on Linux solutions. Demonstration of the

operating system in Indian languages with local Graphic User Interface (GUI),

will also be part of the seminars.

The Red Hat 'Linux for enterprises' seminars in Mumbai in April, '01 received

a phenomenal response from enterprises in Mumbai. The seminar was attended by

enterprises like LIC, RBI, IDBI, Plexus Technologies, STPI, CMS, Zenith

Computers, Mahindra British Telecom, Syntel India, PCS.

Firms like IBM, Oracle, Wipro and Integra Microsystems showcased the benefits

offered by open source Linux to enterprises and also demonstrated how

enterprises can leverage it to build secure, scalable and reliable applications

and services.