Recession proof career in the post-COVID-19 Era

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Indeed, the global pandemic has drastically impacted the economy in plenty of ways and it will take time to regain relevance. Besides the health crisis that’s of utmost concern, it’s the growing lack of job security that is equally worrisome. The virus has affected almost every industry and they are constantly facing its consequences. Millions of people have lost their jobs and are suffering the ramifications of unemployment. With the government’s order to follow social distancing and stay indoors, many professionals have lost their long-established professional lives. Those employed in sectors that involve people engagement are most affected by this recession time, for instance, aviation and hospitality. During such uncertain times, it becomes crucial to analyse the scenario and reassess your situation. This will determine how you can create a recession-proof career for yourself.

“COVID-19 outbreak has turned the job market upside down overnight.” – Forbes

Why Are IT Professionals on the Safer Side?

When it comes to naming the professionals who have secure jobs, it’s the IT guys. IT professionals tend to think ahead and keep up with new technologies to transform the world, and secure their future by doing so. Their craft and services will always be in demand. Those who are working on digital platforms and technologies will hardly ever be affected by a recession. For instance, those who have carved a career in data science or cloud computing are currently in a profitable and secure position regarding their jobs. Relative to other job profiles, data scientists and data engineers have created strong job security that has enabled them to protect their interests from the current recession. Here are a few reasons why data science and other IT jobs are safer during COVID-19.

– Data scientists and cloud computing experts have to manage the data related aspects of companies that don’t require any social gathering.

– With the enormous amount of data that companies need to handle during this crisis time, the demand for data experts will only increase in the coming months.

– Digital technologies have given rise to the popularity of IT professionals and put them in the limelight.

– Corporates are constantly looking for IT professionals who can meet the companies’ objectives from the comfort of their homes.

– Businesses are focused on being customer-centric. And we need data analysts to not only gather the information but help analyse it so it can be used productively.

Why Do You Need to Upskill to Be Ready for a Post COVID-19 Recession-Proof Career?

A few decades ago, a global pandemic of such magnitude would have had a critical impact on all professional careers. One would need to go to college and study centres to pursue new career options. With social distancing, going to colleges would not have even been an option then. That’s where digitalization has blessed us; with digital technologies by our side, we can learn almost any subject from any corner of the world. Credible online learning platforms are growing at a staggering rate providing learners with an efficient way to pursue a new career.

Upskilling with data science, cloud computing, or any other technical course could help you emerge as a promising professional in the post-COVID-19 period. It is essential to understand what the recruiters will look for in you as a potential candidate post-COVID-19. After analysing the recruiter’s demand, you would need to upskill or reskill with quality technical courses. These will give you the required professional edge in the job market.

Online learning platforms can indeed help you with upgrading your current skills. It will also expose you to industry-relevant courses that will help in changing your career vertical. The online mode of learning is flexible and efficient that enables you to be ready for future opportunities. You must focus on technical courses like machine learning, data science, neural network, deep learning, Cloud, IoT, etc. There is an enormous number of options available for you in the technical vertical that holds a reliable place during a recession.

The Bottom Line

The Coronavirus outbreak has not only affected our health but also created turbulence in economies that have directly impacted the job market. People are currently facing the risk of pay cuts or job loss. It is indeed a time of grave concern that we need to address effectively and speedily. Hence, it is crucial to start thinking about ways to rebuild and strengthen your professional position in the market. Upskilling with technical courses is one of the most productive ways to make your career recession-proof post-COVID-19.

Don’t just stay isolated in your home. Make use of the time and upskill with technical courses to jumpstart your career again with a new perspective!

This article was authored by Mr Gaurav Vohra, Co-founder & CEO, Jigsaw Academy.

Mr Gaurav Vohra, Co-founder & CEO, Jigsaw Academy

Mr Gaurav Vohra, Co-founder & CEO, Jigsaw Academy

An IIM-Banglore Alumni, Gaurav has over 15 years of experience. He specializes in the field of analytics and has worked across multiple verticals including financial services, retail, FMCG, telecom, pharmaceuticals and leisure industries. His latest venture, Jigsaw Academy is a leading training provider across emerging technologies.

The company envisions to empower the industry and professionals with cutting-edge training and recruitment solutions. Jigsaw Academy provides best-in-class programmes across emerging domains such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cybersecurity, among others. It runs ongoing programs in strategic partnership with illustrious institutions such as the University of Chicago (USA) and the Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIM, Indore).

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